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Determination of intrinsic birefringence values of polycaprolactone filaments


Basanti L. Deopura, Department of Textile Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, India. E-mail:


Intrinsic birefringences of polycaprolactone filaments are determined using the approach suggested by Samuels. First, intrinsic lateral moduli are determined from the values of crystallinity and sonic moduli of unoriented filaments. These values are found to be 3.473 GPa and 0.071 GPa, respectively, for crystalline and amorphous regions. The crystallinity, sonic moduli and crystalline orientation function of drawn and heat set filaments are used to evaluate amorphous orientation functions. Finally, Stein and Norris's equation along with birefringence data is used to obtain intrinsic birefringence values of crystalline and amorphous regions and these values are found to be 0.079 ± 0.002 for crystalline regions and 0.066 ± 0.008 for amorphous regions. Copyright © 2012 Society of Chemical Industry