pi4402-sup-0001-Figure S1.docWord document846KFigure S1. Polarizing optical micrographs (POM) of neat PEO as a function of time at 40 ˚C.
pi4402-sup-0002-Figure S2.docWord document111KFigure S2. FT-IR spectra of surface functionalized SiO2 nanoparticles.
pi4402-sup-0003-Figure S3.docWord document1801KFigure S3. DSC thermograms of neat PEO and SiO2/PEO composites during non-isothermal crystallization as a function of cooling rates: (a) neat PEO, (b) 5% SiO2/PEO composites, (c) 5% M-SiO2/PEO composites, (d) 5% C-SiO2/PEO composites, and (e) 5% A-SiO2/PEO composites. The exothermic direction is upward in the plots.
pi4402-sup-0004-Table S1.docWord document27KTable S1. FT-IR peak assignments of surface-functionalized SiO2 nanoparticles

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