pi4440-sup-0001-Figure S1.docWord document49K Figure S1. ESI-MS of ABB′ monomer.
pi4440-sup-0002-Figure S2.docWord document207K Figure S2. FTIR spectra of ABB′ monomer (b) and polymer P3 (a).
pi4440-sup-0003-Figure S3.docWord document95K Figure S3. X-ray diffraction patterns of P2 sample.
pi4440-sup-0004-Figure S4.docWord document138K Figure S4. DSC thermogram of P2 with annealing-pretreatment.
pi4440-sup-0005-Figure S5.docWord document85K Figure S5. DSC thermogram of P2 at different heating rates: (a) at heating rate of 10 °C/min; (b) at heating rate of 5 °C/min.

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