pi4802-sup-0001-FigureS1.docWord document127KFigureS1: (a) FT-IR Spectra of (i) PEG-PU-1.0-HT Xerogel, (ii) H12MDI and (iii) PEG-4000. (b) 13C Solid state CP-MAS NMR Spectrum of PEG-PU-1.0-HT Xerogel.
pi4802-sup-0002-FigureS2.docWord document57KFigureS2: Equilibrium swelling ratios of PEG-PU hydrogels with four different degrees of crosslinking (HT ∼ 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mol%).
pi4802-sup-0003-FigureS3.docWord document59KFigureS3: Swelling studies with respect to time for PEG-PU gels with different degrees of hexane triol.
pi4802-sup-0004-FigureS4.docWord document105KFigureS4: Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction patterns of the PEG-PU xerogels with different degrees of crosslinking and comparison with neat PEG-4000 at 25 0C
pi4802-sup-0005-FigureS5.docWord document66KFigureS5: Small-angle X-ray scattering profiles of PEG-PU Xerogels with different degrees of crosslinking at 25 0C
pi4802-sup-0006-FigureS6.docWord document57KFigureS6: DSC thermograms of neat PEG-4000 and PEG-PU xerogels with different degrees of crosslinking.
pi4802-sup-0007-FigureS7.docWord document57KFigureS7: Dynamic oscillatory experiment on PEG-PU hydrogels in swollen state as a function of frequency with different degrees of crosslinking () PEG-PU-0.25HT ()PEG-PU-0.5HT ()PEG-PU-1.0HT.
pi4802-sup-0008-FigureS8.docWord document84KFigureS8 (a) Dynamic oscillatory experiment on PEG-PU-1.0HT xerogel as a function of frequency. (b) Uni-axial compression experiment PEG-PU-1.0HT porous xerogel.
pi4802-sup-0009-FigureS9.docWord document54KFigureS9: Plot of elastic modulus (E′) vs crosslinker concentration in mol%.
pi4802-sup-0010-FigureS10.docWord document111KFigureS10: Pore size distribution in porous PEG-PU-1.0HT xerogel.
pi4802-sup-0011-FigureS11.docWord document860KFigureS11: Optical phase contrast images of PEG-PU-1.5HT hydrogels in direct contact with A549 cells for 72 h at 37 °C. Morphologies of cells in control wells and those in contact with PEG-PU-1.5HT hydrogels where shown in figures (a-d) and (e-h) respectively at 0, 24, 48 and 72 hours.

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