• ethylene–propylene–diene terpolymer;
  • filler reinforcement;
  • silica;
  • white rice husk ash


White rice husk ash (WRHA) and silica filled ethylene–propylene–diene terpolymer (EPDM) vulcanizates were prepared using a laboratory size two-roll mill. Curing characteristics and physical properties of vulcanizates were studied with respect to the filler loading and filler type. Filler loading was varied from 0–50 parts per hundred resin (phr) at 10 phr intervals. Curing was carried out using a semi-efficient vulcanization system in a Monsanto rheometer. Enhancement of the curing rate was observed with increasing WRHA loading, whereas the opposite trend was observed for silica-filled vulcanizates. It was also indicated by the maximum torque and Mooney viscosity results that WRHA offers processing advantages over silica. Compared to the silica-filled vulcanizates, the effect of filler loading on the physical properties of WRHA-filled vulcanizates was not significant. According to these observations, WRHA could be used as a diluent filler for EPDM rubber, while silica can be used as a reinforcing filler.

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