Erratum to ‘A genuine circular contact grid pattern for solar cells’, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 2011; 18: 517–526



This article corrects:

  1. A genuine circular contact grid pattern for solar cells Volume 19, Issue 5, 517–526, Article first published online: 5 January 2011

In the aforementioned paper, Equations (12) and (13) have been misprinted; the variable ri should not be quadratic. The correct equations are

display math

for the power loss due to ρsm in finger i and

display math

for the relative power loss due to the resistance in the fingers. Note that it is only a printing error: performing the integration using the expressions for I(φ) and dRmf given in Equations (10) and (11) results in the proper expressions for Pmf,i and ρmf given earlier. Also, for the derivation starting at Equation (15) and the calculations presented in paragraph 4, the proper expression was used. This means that the typing error has no influence on the essence of the paper. The authors regret the error and thank Ferran Suarez of Solar Junction for noticing the misprints.