Electrodeposition of ternary CuxSnySz thin films for photovoltaic applications



We exploited alternated electrodeposition of Cu, Sn and S to obtain CuxSnySz thin films. These materials are kesterite-type chalcogenides that have attracted a relevant interest from worldwide researchers as low cost and high conversion efficiency solar cell devices. Films were grown on silver substrate, controlling the growth of the electrodeposited structures at the nanometric level. The obtained films were characterized by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, voltammetric stripping and atomic force microscopy. Experimental bandgap energies resulted linearly modulated by changes of chemical composition and thickness. On the basis of these results, we candidate electrodeposition as a room temperature method to obtain thin films for solar cell technology with low energy investment and negligible environmental impact. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.