Photovoltaics literature survey (No. 68)



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A single-source reference to the latest solar PV literature, each issue of Progress in Photovoltaics captures the most recently published relevant articles from a wide range of engineering, physics and materials science journals, presented in the following broad categories: 1. Fundamentals, new approaches, and reviews 2. General characterisation techniques and modelling 3. Crystalline silicon-bulk cells and technology 4. Thin film silicon, amorphous and micro/nano-crystalline silicon, heterojunction cells 5. Organic and Hybrid cells 6. Photoelectrochemical cells 7. CIS, CIGS, CdTe and II-VI cells 8. III-V, quantum well, space, concentrator and thermophotovoltaic cells 9. Terrestrial modules, BOS components, building integrated, systems and applications 10. Policy, economics, education, health, environment and the solar resource.