The future of HPT: A work-alignment and transparency-building approach



Many, if not most, of my colleagues believe that human performance technology (HPT) can never become a science; they do not even believe that it should be. I cannot come to that conclusion. If not a full-fledged science, then we should strive for at least a soft science that is more consistent and accepted in business than is certainly the case with HPT today. To that end, I offer the Language of Work (LoW) Model as a starting point or—as I believe—a road for continuing to build on solid principles and practices that have been developed in HPT over the past 50 years. You are invited (in the open mind that I trust you will employ) to learn how this is possible, and the goals and criteria that will eventually get us there. The LoW may not be the answer yet, but building on it can be.