Relational aggression in children and adolescents: A review with implications for school settings



This article provides an overview of the literature on relational aggression of school-aged children and adolescents, with the specific aim of making this information relevant to school settings and education professionals. Relational aggression is discussed in terms of definitions, terms, and the importance of the school context. The literature on gender and familial influences as they relate to relational aggression is overviewed. Assessment methods for detecting relational aggression in children and adolescents are described, with an emphasis on measurement techniques most viable for capturing this sometimes-elusive construct. We conclude with a discussion of proposed best practices in school settings for effectively preventing and responding to incidents of relational aggression within the context of social and emotional learning interventions and positive behavioral interventions and supports. © 2006 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Psychol Schs 43: 345–360, 2006.