Two questions are considered in this article: (a) What should professionals in school psychology do in an effort to stay current with developments in applied statistics? (b) What should they do with their existing knowledge to move from surface understanding of statistics to deep understanding? Written for school psychologists who have completed their formal education, this article examines the way in which four kinds of relatively new technological tools—Java applets, electronic discussion groups, blogs, and online books, tutors, and courses—can help professionals increase their knowledge and understanding of statistical concepts and procedures. Because new statistical procedures, over time, enter the arsenal of applied researchers, and given that the National Association of School Psychologists explicitly states that continuing professional development in research is an expectation, the information presented here shows school psychologists that there are useful and efficient ways for them to “keep current” with advances in applied statistics. © 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Psychol Schs 44: 527–533, 2007.