This study evaluated the test–retest reliability of two parenting measures: the Parent Behavior Importance Questionnaire-Revised (PBIQ-R) and Parent Behavior Frequency Questionnaire-Revised (PBFQ-R). These self-report parenting behavior assessment measures may be utilized as pre- and post-parent education program measures, with parents as well as nonparent respondents. The questionnaires are based on the parent development theory, with the parenting behaviors corresponding to theory and current parenting literature. Thus, respondents' relative weighting of importance (PBIQ-R) or frequency (PBFQ-R) of positive, supportive parenting as well as negative behaviors may be determined through questionnaire responses. Test–retest reliability estimates suggest psychometric strength. Results are discussed relative to parenting theory and research, as well as school psychology policy and practice. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.