Development of a mass fingerprinting tool for automated interpretation of oligosaccharide fragmentation data



The bioinformatic tool GlycosidIQ™ was developed for computerized interpretation of oligosaccharide mass spectrometric fragmentation based on matching experimental data with theoretically fragmented oligosaccharides generated from the database GlycoSuiteDB™. This use of the software for glycofragment mass fingerprinting obviates a large part of the manual, labor intensive, and technically challenging interpretation of oligosaccharide fragmentation. Using 130 negative ion electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry fragment spectra from identified oligosaccharide structures, it was shown that the GlycosidIQ scoring algorithms were able to correctly identify oligosaccharides in the great majority of cases (correct structure top ranked in 78% of the cases and an additional 17% were ranked second highest in the sample set).