Proteome of mesenchymal stem cells



Proteomics has evolved, in recent years, into effective tools for basic and applied stem cell research, and has been extensively used to facilitate the identification of changes in signal transduction components, especially with regard to plasticity, proliferation, and differentiation. Several recent reports have also employed proteomic strategies to characterize human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) and their differentiated derivatives. Although these approaches have yielded valuable data, the results highlight the fact that only the limited numbers of proteins are characterized at the protein level in these cells, thus necessitating expandable MSC proteome dataset. This review presents, for the first time, an expandable list of MSC proteins, which will function as a starting point for the generation of a comprehensive reference map of their proteome. Also, the better way to bridge current gap between genomics and proteomics study such as integrated proteomic and transcriptomic analyses is discussed.