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pmic7011-sup-0001-figures1.doc1890KFigure S1. SDS-PAGE of outer membrane proteins, which were isolated using a detergent-based fractionation protocol.
pmic7011-sup-0001-figures1.doc1890KFigure S2. SDS-PAGE of biotinylated and streptavidin pre-fractionated proteins from B. afzelii and B. burgdorferi.
pmic7011-sup-0001-figures1.doc1890KFigure S3. Cellular localization of all identified proteins regarding the method used.
pmic7011-sup-0001-figures1.doc1890KFigure S4. MS/MS spectrum and b- and y-ion series of a biotinylated peptide from the outer surface protein B.
pmic7011-sup-0002-tables1.xls728KTable S1.

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