• Biomarkers;
  • Lipidomics;
  • Mesoporous materials;
  • Peptidomics;
  • Technology

Herein we report the use of mesoporous aluminosilicate (MPAS) for the simultaneous extraction of peptides and lipids from complex body fluids such as human plasma and synovial fluid. We show that MPAS particles, given their mesostructural features with nanometric pore size and high surface area, are an efficient device for simultaneous extraction of peptidome and lipidome from as little as a few microliters of body fluids. The peptides and the lipids, selected and enriched by MPAS particles and rapidly visualized by MALDI-TOF MS, could form part of a diagnostic profile of the “peptidome” and the “lipidome” of healthy versus diseased subjects in comparative studies. The ability of this approach to rapidly reveal the overall pattern of changes in both lipidome and peptidome signatures of complex biofluids could be of valuable interest for handling large numbers of samples required in -omics studies for the purpose of finding novel biomarkers.