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pmic7279-sup-0001-TableS1.doc31KTable S1. iTRAQ reagents labeling and mixtures performed for this study
pmic7279-sup-0002-S1.xls4302KSupporting file 1. Identified proteins in NB4 and NB4 + RA MIXs.
pmic7279-sup-0003-S2.xls1326KSupporting file 2. Same-same comparison experiments.
pmic7279-sup-0004-S3.xls7827KSupporting file 3. Quantified proteins in NB4 and NB4 + RA MIXs.
pmic7279-sup-0005-S4.xls103KSupporting file 4. Variant proteins in NB4 and NB4 + RA MIXs.
pmic7279-sup-0006-S5.xls1307KSupporting file 5. Quantified and variant proteins in control MIX.
pmic7279-sup-0007-S6.xls192KSupporting file 6. Bortezomib regulated proteins.

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