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Figure S1. Bcr-Abl protein level was not regulated by AL-1 in K562 cells.

Figure S2. Protein expression profiles were significantly altered by AL-1 by 2-DE analysis. Cells were treated with 10μm AL-1 or DMSO for 48h, total proteins were analyzed by 2-DE. Shown are 2DE results from three biological triplicates (A, B, C).

Figure S3. The Western blotting results for all the selected proteins were consistent with the change trends of the corresponding proteomic quantitative ratios.

pmic7287-sup-0002-TableS1.doc86KSupplementary Table S1: Lists of 31 differential proteins regulated by AL-1 (at least 2.0 fold), containing their accession number, protein score, experimental mass and pI, mean ratios and SD.

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