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pmic7429-sup-0001-S1.xls97KDocument S1. List of spots identified with multiple protein IDs.
pmic7429-sup-0002-S2.xls35KDocument S2. Bioinformatic analysis of nuclear localization of the identified DRPs.
pmic7429-sup-0003-S3.xls66KDocument S3. Comparison of nuclear proteins of chickpea with those of O. sativa, A. thaliana, X. viscosa and M. truncatula.
pmic7429-sup-0004-FigureS1.tif5109KFig. S1, Dehydration-induced morphological changes in the leaflets of c.v. ICCV-2.
pmic7429-sup-0005-FigureS2.tif2109KFig. S2, Biplot for PCA analysis of all DRPs.
pmic7429-sup-0006-FigureS3.tif3905KFig. S3, Comparative nuclear proteome of c.v. ICCV-2 and JG-62 in unstressed condition. Nuclear proteome of the sensitive c.v. ICCV-2 in unstressed condition was compared with that of JG-62. The cultivar-specific and overlapping profile of the protein spots at pH 4-7 (A) and pH 6-11 (B) are indicated in the Venn diagram. The areas in the diagram are not proportional to the number of proteins in the groups.
pmic7429-sup-0007-FigureS4.tif3026KFig. S4, Comparison of the nuclear proteome of chickpea with that of O. sativa, A. thaliana, X. viscosa and M. truncatula. Venn diagram depicts the exclusive and the overlapping nuclear proteins (A). The numbers signify the unique and/or orthologous proteins among the organisms studied. The histogram depicts the distribution pattern of functional classes of proteins in the organisms studied (B and C). The functional classes are denoted as cell signalling (CS); gene transcription and replication (GTR); chromatin structure and remodeling (CSR); ROS pathway related (ROS); molecular chaperones (MC); protein translation (PT); protein degradation (PD); nucleocytoplasmic transport (NCT); miscellaneous (Misc); metabolism (Met) structure (S) and unknown function (Unknown).
pmic7429-sup-0007-TableS1.doc33KTable S1, The conserved domain of unidentified nuclear proteins of c.v. ICCV-2.
pmic7429-sup-0008-TableS2.doc41KSupporting Information Table S2, Correlation matrix (Pearson(n)) used for PCA analysis of the DRPs and Eigen values based on the PCA analysis of the expression profile of the DRPs.
pmic7429-sup-0009-TableS3.doc99KSupporting Information Table S3, List of common and unique nuclear resident proteins of c.v. ICCV-2 and JG-62.
pmic7429-sup-0010-TableS4.doc106KSupporting Information Table S4, Comparison of DRPs between c.v. ICCV-2 and JG-62. Supporting Information Document S1, List of spots identified with multiple protein IDs.

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