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Table S1 Table of proteins tentatively identified in 2DE IEF-SDS-PAGE gels.

Table S2 Table of BLAST results from proteins identified in phloem sap from L. texensis (Tables 1 and 2) and L. albus [28]. BLAST search was performed in the NCBI website ( against the Arabidopsis database (taxid:3701) on January 2013. When multiple accession numbers existed, NCBI annotations are given from the first meaningful annotation. BLAST annotations when assigned as not hit when BLAST E-values were higher than 1e-30.

Table S3. Comparison of nonredundant Arabidopsis phloem proteins from Lupinus texensis with those from other plant species. The nonredundant Arabidopsis proteomes from pumpkin, rape, and rice were obtained from Ref. [22], and those of L. texensis by BLAST searches against the Arabidopsis database.

Figure S1 Membrane blots from gels loaded with myoglobin as standard, stained with Ferene (A) and a second method based on redox properties (B).

Figure S2 Polypeptides tentatively identified in phloem sap from Lupinus texensis.

Figure S3 Manually analyzed spectra of spot 53.

Figure S4 Alignment of identified peptides and traduced nucleotide sequence from the Lupinus albus EST.

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