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Supplemental Information: A table showing the effect of MeJA on rice seedling blast and figures showing the effect of MeJA on spore germination and mycelium growth of M. oryzae, close-up views of the regions of 2-DE gels, the MS and MS/MS spectra of protein spots, and phosphorylation modification analysis of rice APN protein.

Supporting Data 2. Identification of regulated rice leaf proteins by MS. The protein excised from CBB-staining gels was digested with trypsin, and the resulting peptides were analyzed using the 4700 Proteomic Analyzer. A, The MS spectra. The matched peptides and their corresponding peaks are listed in the map. The figures listed only the peptide sequences with ion score C.I.% (Confidence Interval) greater than 95% . The ion marked with an asterisk was analyzed by MS/MS. B, MS/MS spectra of the marked ion. The corresponding peptide sequence is shown

pmic7686-sup-0002-Figure.ppt12483KFigure S1. Effect of MeJA on spore germination of M. oryzae. The data presented were the means ( ± standard error) of spore germination from three independently biological experiments, which were examined by analysis of variance (ANOVA) to detect significant differences between means and those differing significantly (p<0.05) were compared using Duncan multiple range test (DMRT) at the same (5%) probability level using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) software package (Release v14.0; SPSS Company, USA). No significant difference (P <0.05) in spore germination was found.
pmic7686-sup-0003-Table.doc38KTable S1. Effect of MeJA at various concentrations on rice seedling blast

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