• Animal proteomics;
  • Calcium carbonate;
  • Crystal texture;
  • Eggshell mineralization;
  • Matrix proteins

The avian eggshell is one of the fastest calcifying processes known and represents a unique model for studying biomineralization. Eggshell strength is a crucial economic trait for table egg production, and ensures that a safe egg reaches the consumer kitchen. However, a common toolkit for eggshell mineralization has not yet been defined. In this issue, label-free MS-based protein quantification technology has been used by Sun et al. (Proteomics 2013, 13, 3523–3536) to detect differences in protein abundance between eggshell matrix from strong and weak eggs and between the corresponding uterine fluids bathing strong and weak eggs. Proteins associated with the formation of strong eggshells are identified, which are now candidates for further investigations to define the regulatory relationship between specific eggshell matrix proteins and calcite crystal texture.