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Proteomics analysis of adult testis from Bombyx mori



The development of the testis involves a large number of tissue-specific proteins, possibly because the sperms in it are the most divergent of all cell types. In this study, LC-MS/MS was employed to investigate the protein compositions of the adult testis of silkworm. A total of 14 431 peptides were identified in the adult testis of Bombyx mori, which were matched to 2292 proteins. Thirty-two HSPs constitute a group of most abundant proteins in the adult testis, suggesting that they are critical for the development, differentiation, and survival of germ cells. Other proteins in this analysis were also involved in testis-specific processes mainly including sperm motility, meiosis, germ cell development, and spermatogenesis. The data have been deposited to the ProteomeXchange with identifier PXD000909 (