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pmic7715-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdf552KSupplementary Figure 1A. GFP-FOXK2 interactors visualized in a volcano plot. GFP-FOXK2 interactors are localized in the right part of the figure. 1B. Validation of shRNA mediated BAP1 knock-down in GFP-MBD6 HeLa FRT cells by qPCR (left) and Western blotting (right) .
pmic7715-sup-0002-FigureS2.pptx8185KSupplementary Figure 2. Detailed kinetics of MBD6 recruitment to sites of laser-induced DNA damage. Live-cell imaging of laser-microirradiated HeLa FRT cells stably expressing GFP-MBD6 at the indicated time points.
pmic7715-sup-0003-TableS1.xls9898KSupplementary Table 1: Proteingroups output tables (Maxquant) of the SILAC and label-free based GFP affinity purifications and LC-MS/MS analyses. For the SILAC-based pull-downs (MBD5-GFP, MBD6-GFP, BAP1-GFP, ASXL2-GFP, MBDonly_MBD5-GFP, deltaMBD_MBD5-GFP), proteins are sorted according to the normalized forward SILAC ratio. For the label-free pull-down (FOXK2-GFP) according to their LFQ intensity (GFP1).
pmic7715-sup-0004-SupMat.docx15KSupporting Information.

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