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Mastering complexity and changes in projects, economy, and society via Project Management Second Order (PM-2)



Project Management Second Order (PM-2) is based on new insights in modern natural and social sciences, which were analyzed in a research program. This was explained in a previously published article in this journal (Saynisch, 2010). PM-2 is a new paradigm and will be the leading concept for the next decades. The concept of PM-2 was awarded the IPMA Research Award 2007 and the International Centre for Complex Project Management Research Prize 2010. The model represents a reference model. This article will explain the genesis of PM-2 as well as the principles, methods, and processes. Further, practical use will be discussed and real examples of transfer will be shown as well as PM-2 in the context of project-oriented companies. Integration aspects of CPMCS (ICCPM), ICB3 (IPMA), PMBOK® Guide/OPM3® (PMI) as a future view will be shown.