Synthesis and properties of polyamides of p-phenylenedioxydiacetic acid



Several polyamides of p-phenylenedioxydiacetic acid (PDDA) were synthesized by the low-temperature solution polycondensation techniques. Six different diamines were condensed independently with p-phenylenedioxydiacetyl chloride (PDC) in a mixture of N-methyl pyrolidone (NMP) and hexamethyl phosphoramide (HMPA). The polymers were obtained in 80–95% yield and possessed inherent viscosities in the range 0.32–0.81 dL/g. The polymers were characterized by infrared (IR) and H1-NMR spectra. The solubility, density, crystallinity, and thermal stability of the polyamides were also determined. A model diamide (MDA-1) was also synthesized from aniline and PDC to confirm the formation of polyamides from diamines.