Synthesis of a methacrylic monomer having pendant cyclohexene cyclic carbonate—Easy CO2 fixation and radical polymerization



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We present here the key-effect of using CO2 catching agent N-methyltetrahydropyrimidine (MTHP) on the facile transformation of sterically hindered cyclohexene oxide methacrylate to its corresponding cyclic carbonate methacrylate under mild conditions in contrast to the usual-highly improbable and high energy consuming (high temperature-high pressure) reactions when carried out in its absence. Detailed investigations of reaction conditions were also carried out with respect to the influence of different types of tetra-alkyl halide salts as cocatalyst (Bu4MX) and at various temperatures. Furthermore, the free radical polymerization of the obtained di-substituted cyclohexyl-cyclic-carbonate-methacrylate monomer along with the characterization of the resulting homopolymer is also reported.