Inside Cover, Volume 50, Issue 2


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The image shows a polarized optical microscopy (POM) (20×) image of a [5,5′]-diphenyl-[2,2′]-bithiophene (PTTP) substituted methacrylate. As presented by Zhaokang Hu, Boyi Fu, Avishek Aiyar, and Elsa Reichmanis on page 199, crystallites with a domain size in the micrometer range are consistently observed for a sublimed HPTTPEM film by both POM and atomic force microscopy (AFM), indicative of the strong dependence of the formation of a liquid crystalline phase on parameters such as chemical structure, temperature, and substrate surface. The chemical structure of HPTTPEM is superimposed on the micrograph image. The methacrylate monomers are further polymerized to afford graft polymethacrylates for organic thin-film transistor applications.