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Microparticles containing various core materials are prepared via a dispersion polymerization using the primary amine-catalyzed Michael addition of a trifunctional thiol to a trifunctional acrylate, as presented by C. O. Bounds, R. Goetter, J. A. Pojman, and M. Vandersall on page 409. The thiol-acrylate microparticles containing pockets of core material are applied to various systems to improve the desired characteristics of the given system. The addition of Lewis acid initiator-containing thiol-acrylate microparticles to multifunctional epoxy resins yeilds epoxy systems in which the rheological properties are improved while the strength of the resulting polymer products is retained. This method of microencapsulation has multiple advantages over other methods of microencapsulation, as these microparticles can be prepared with a minimal number of components in less than one hour at room temperature and ambient pressure.