Inside Cover, Volume 50, Issue 8


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Photoinduced depolymerization of poly(olefin sulfone)s mixed with a photo-base generating compound is investigated by Takeo Sasaki, Takayuki Kondo, Motoki Noro, Kazuya Saida, Hiroaki Yaguchi, and Yumiko Naka on page 1462. Irradiation of 254 nm UV light to films composed of a mixture of a photo-base generating compound and poly(olefin sulfone)s with volatile monomers causes photoinduced depolymerization and the irradiated part of the film is vaporized. The effect of the poly(olefin sulfone) structure on the photoinduced depolymerization process is investigated. The polymer systems examined in this study permit a wide variety of applications such as stereolithography without the need for development solvents, photo-detachable adhesives, and printable nanocircuit fabrication.