Cover Image, Volume 50, Issue 22


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A new norbornene comonomer bearing an antioxidant functionality (i.e., 2,6-di-tert-butyl phenol) is synthesized and used for the preparation of ethylene based copolymers with a covalently linked stabilizer, as presented by Caterina Viglianisi and colleagues on page 4647. A NMR guided structural investigation of the exo-endo ratio in both the monomer and the copolymer is reported in the paper that opens the way to the use of these copolymers as non-releasing macromolecular antioxidant additives for application in food and/or drug packaging. The image describes the polymer with the antioxidant that behaves as a barrier able to inhibit or retard radical degradation processes caused by the interactions with molecular oxygen and UV radiation.