Cover Image, Volume 50, Issue 24


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The image shows a typical oily streak texture of the cholesteric phase at 171°C for monomer M4. On page 5049, Jian-She Hu, Dan Li, Wen-Chang Zhang, and Qing-Bao Meng present the synthesis of four new chiral monomers and polymers based on menthol. Their chemical structures, phase behavior, and thermal stability are characterized by FT-IR, NMR, DSC, POM, XRD, and TGA. By inserting a flexible spacer between the mesogenic core and the terminal menthyl groups, the target monomers and polymers can form the SmC*, cholesteric, and SmA phases. By increasing the mesogenic core rigidity, the corresponding Tm, Tg, and Ti increased. In addition, increasing the spacer length decreased the Tm and Tg, while Ti increased.