Cover Image, Volume 51, Issue 5


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The cover image shows a schematic structure of a hyperbranched polyether. These dendritic polymers are a particularly interesting class of chemically stable and often highly biocompatible materials, as demonstrated in the Highlight article by Martina Schömer, Christoph Schüll, and Holger Frey on page 995. Furthermore, the image shows the two main types of monomers employed for the preparation of such multifunctional branched polyethers, i.e., hydroxyl-functional epoxides and oxetanes. Recent achievements by the authors in this area include a wide range of hyperbranched copolymers with established epoxide monomers, such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. Frey et al. review the progress in the preparation, characterization, and application of these uniquely versatile aliphatic polyols.