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Well-defined acrylate RAFT polymers and multiblock-copolymers are synthesized in a continuous-flow microreactor. Microreactors allow for fast synthesis of materials with high precision due to inherent advantages with respect to stability of reaction conditions and excellent heat transfer. Using this technique, Joke Vandenbergh, Thales de Moraes Ogawa, and Thomas Junkers carry out highly reproducible and fast polymerizations yielding quantitatively functionalized polyacrylates with various molar masses, as presented on page 2366. Polymers can be used as macroinitiators in subsequent microreactor steps, making block-copolymerizations with different acrylate monomers a possibility. Multiblock copolymers consisting of up to five consecutive acrylate blocks have so far been synthesized, demonstrating the benefits of flow microreactor technology compared to batch procedures.