Cover Image, Volume 52, Issue 2



The schematic image represents the synthesis of a range of linear degradable poly(β-thioester)s (PBTs) via hexylamine-catalyzed thiol-ene Michael additions between various diacrylate and dithiol monomers. As presented by Thomas Junkers et al. on page 178, PBTs with molar masses up to 12000 g·mol-1 are obtained. Polar PBTs are synthesized based on ethylene glycol-containing monomers in benign media. Furthermore, urethane containing PBTs are obtained without direct use of isocyanates during polymerization. Also, polystyrene oligomers synthesized via a bifunctional trithiocarbonate RAFT agent are reacted with diacrylates, likewise allowing for PBT synthesis and thus creating degradable polystyrene copolymers. Finally, by tuning the stoichiometric monomer ratio, alkyne end group functionalities are introduced into a PBT, giving access to modular polymer design strategies.