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AC and DC percolative conductivity of single wall carbon nanotube polymer composites



The equations needed to correctly interpret both AC and DC conductivity results of single wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) polymer composites and the scaling of these results onto a single master curve are presented. Brief discussions on the factors that determine the critical volume fraction (ϕc) and the percolation exponent (t) are also given. The results for a series of SWNT–polyimide composites are presented and the parameters obtained from fitting these results are discussed. The critical volume fraction for electrical percolation of the present composite was about 0.0005. Results obtained from previous work on SWNT (MWNT)–polymer composites and other percolation systems and the modeling (interpretation) of these results are also discussed and compared. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Polym Sci Part B: Polym Phys 43: 3273–3287, 2005

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