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While routinely employed for vibration-dampening purposes, thermoplastic elastomeric triblock copolymers swollen with a low-volatility, midblock-selective solvent behave as energy-efficient dielectric elastomers capable of high electroactuation strains at relatively low electric fields with little evidence of mechanical hysteresis upon cycling. Comparisons reveal that the electromechanical properties of these materials are remarkably similar to those of mammalian skeletal muscle. In the study on page 1569, Arjun S. Krishnan, Pruthesh H. Vargantwar, Tushar K. Ghosh, and Richard J. Spontak explore the (electro)mechanical properties of such systems. Specifically, the effects of two coupled parameters—specimen thickness and mechanical prestrain—are systematically investigated to demonstrate that they can be independently varied to tailor the electromechanical properties.