Inside Cover, Volume 50, Issue 6


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The cover shows a high-resolution scanning electron micrograph of a silver metalized nanotube polymer composite (Ag-MNPC) at a high accelerating voltage. The single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) dispersed in the Ag-MNPC appear as flexible curvy fibrils with the infused/reduced nanometer-scale-sized silver particles as bright round spots. The Ag-MNPC is prepared by supercritical fluid impregnation of an organosilver compound into a premade well-dispersed SWCNT-polymer composite film, as presented by Cheol Park, Jae-Woo Kim, Godfrey Sauti, Jin Ho Kang, Conrad S. Lovell, Luke J. Gibbons, Sharon E. Lowther, Peter T. Lillehei, Joycelyn S. Harrison, Negin Nazem, and Larry T. Taylor on page 394. The environmentally friendly metallization process significantly improves the toughness of the composite films as well as the electrical conductivity.