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polb23348-sup-0001-suppfig1.wmf40KFIGURE S1: Transmission IR spectrum of fully hydrated Nafion (red) and the spectrum of Nafion rehydrated after 7 days on the vacuum line at 100 °C (green).
polb23348-sup-0002-suppfig2.tif5036KFigure S2: Graphical representations of distances reported in Table 1 TOP: Left: λ= 0; Center: λ=3; Right λ=4. BOTTOM: Left: λ= 7; Center: λ=9; Right: λ=10.
polb23348-sup-0003-suppvideo1.avi21869KSupporting Information Video 1
polb23348-sup-0004-suppvideo2.avi22597KSupporting Information Video 2
polb23348-sup-0005-suppvideo3.avi21140KSupporting Information Video 3
polb23348-sup-0006-suppvideo4.avi26971KSupporting Information Video 4

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