Cover Image, Volume 51, Issue 19



Electroless deposition is a scalable, low-cost technique for coating textiles. In the work by Ligia Frunza, Nicoleta Preda, Elena Matei, Stefan Frunza, Constantin Paul Ganea, Aurel Mihai Vlaicu, Lucian Diamandescu, and Angela Dorogan on page on page 1427, polyester textiles are successfully coated with zinc oxide (ZnO) crystallites using an electroless deposition process, and results are compared to ZnO coated polyamide, poly(lactic acid), and hemp textiles. The fibers are homogeneously covered by ZnO hexagonal prisms having 20–500 nm in diameter and up to 1 lm in length. The resulting ZnO-coated polyester textiles are superhydrophobic with contact angles exceeding 150°.