Cover Image, Volume 52, Issue 4



A new anthracene-containing poly(arylene–ethynylene)-alt-poly(arylene–vinylene) is synthesized and studied using electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques by Daniel Ayuk Mbi Egbe et al. on page 338. Conducting properties of the pristine/doped polymer are characterized using time-of-flight and four contact techniques. After chemical doping with I2 a strong increase in the conductivity is observed. Additionally, the vibrational structure of the undoped/doped polymer is investigated using FTIR spectroscopy. With doping, a strong change in the polaronic absorption is observed, which, after modeling, reveals the existence of two separated transitions. Optical changes are investigated as well using the spectroscopic ellipsometry technique. Similar to the FTIR results, two distinct new in-the-gap absorptions are found.