Figure2a_b.tif5049KFigure 2. (a) Pre-intervention figure of a participant depicting death and hopeless. (b) Post-intervention figure of the same participant using flying birds to represent her cancer leaving her body.
Figure3a_b.tif5135KFigure 3. (a) Pre-intervention figure of a participant, indicating her breast cancer. (b) Post-intervention of the same participant, indicating a butterfly flying away.
Figure4a_b.tif4329KFigure 4. (a) Pre-intervention figure of a participant showing her breasts and scars. (b) Post-intervention figure of the same participant showing a pair of trees with rounded tops and boats.
Figure5a_b.tif5925KFigure 5. (a)Pre-intervention figure showing a stormy sea beneath a grey sky with a mountain range, representing her illness. (b) Post-intervention figure showing similar scene but with brighter colour, a red sun, calm water, a field of green with a pitch of flowers.
Figure6a_b.tif4930KFigure 6. (a) Pre-intervention figure showing a crying face with mixed feelings. (b) Post-intervention figure showing buds and flowers growing under the protection of a big tree; tears became water for moistening the plants.

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