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Exploring global meaning in Greek breast cancer patients: validation of the Life Attitude Profile—Revised (LAP-R)



Objective: The aim of this study was to examine the factor structure and the psychometric properties of the Life Attitude Profile—Revised (LAP-R) among a sample of Greek breast cancer patients, and to test the fit of a structural equation model with one latent factor underlying the measured LAP-R dimensions.

Methods: A total of 153 patients with breast cancer completed the LAP-R. Convergent validity was assessed by examining the correlations between the LAP-R subscales and measures of perceived stress, intrusiveness, mental health, and coping styles. Known-groups validity was also assessed.

Results: Principal axis factor analysis with promax rotation yielded four factors: purpose–coherence–vacuum, choice, death acceptance, and goal seeking. Internal consistency reliability of the subscales and convergent validity of LAP-R were satisfactory. LAP-R was able to detect differences in meaning between different age groups. Confirmatory factor analysis provided support for a single-factor model including a latent meaning-variable indicated by the observed subscales.

Conclusions: The LAP-R is a reliable and valid measure of global meaning in life, when administered to breast cancer patients. The use of LAP-R in evaluating meaning-centered psychotherapy interventions for patients with cancer is emphasized. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.