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C[BOND]F Bond Cleavage during Derivatization Reactions of Amino Groups with TFBA and PFB at Plasma-Processed Organic Surfaces?



Chemical derivatization XPS is used for the quantitative determination of amines at conventional organic surfaces, and it is also applied to plasma-processed aminated surfaces. When using TFBA and PFB as derivatization reagents for tagging primary amino groups, unexpected fluorine species were observed in the second case. The existence of reaction pathways other than those expected for amine derivatization with PFB or TFBA has to be assumed. This phenomenon is tentatively interpreted as the result of C[BOND]F bond cleavage during derivatization reactions of TFBA and PFB at plasma-polymerized allylamine and other plasma-processed aminated surfaces. As a consequence, quantification procedures based on derivatization by PFB or TFBA will underestimate amine surface concentrations.

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