• atmospheric cold plasma brush;
  • Candida albicans;
  • homogeneous;
  • hollow fibers


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The brush-shape device mainly consisting of the well-aligned and microns-thick hollow quartz fibers can be used to generate an atmospheric and homogeneous cold plasma jet for biomedical applications. Addition of a trace amount of O2 into the feed gas greatly altered the electrical properties of the plasma jet, thus had an obvious effect on the sterilization efficiency. The uniformity of the brush-shape plasma jet along its transverse direction was well consistent with the uniform distribution of sterilization efficiency. The atmospheric He plasma jet containing 1% O2 may kill all the Candida albicans cells with a population of 105 spores within an exposure time of 180 s. Analysis indicates that both O radicals and charged species can be an important contributor in this plasma inactivation.