• catalysis;
  • chlorobenzene;
  • decomposition;
  • non-thermal plasma;
  • oxidation;
  • ozone

Oxidative decomposition of low concentrations of chlorobenzene (CB) in air was carried out in a NTP reactor. Typical results indicated the better performance on addition of metal oxide catalysts in plasma zone. It may be concluded that catalytic plasma approach has promise, especially for the removal of low concentraions of CB, where conventional techniques are not energetically feasible. Among the metal oxides studied, AgOx/MnOx showed the better performance than MnOx and CoOx. During the removal of 50 ppm of CB, AgOx/MnOx under humid conditions showed 100% selectivity to total oxidadtion at 260 J L−1, which may be assigned due to the formation of hydroxyl radical and/or due to in situ ozone decomposition on the catalyst surface that may lead to the formation of a powerful oxidant atomic oxygen.ppap201300060-gra-0001