• self-assembly;
  • DNA;
  • mono-functionalization;
  • nanoparticle;
  • nano-building blocks;
  • programmable matter;
  • multifunctional nanostructure;
  • nanotechnology;
  • nanomedicine;
  • nano-theranostics
Thumbnail image of graphical abstract

Developments in the use of DNA, which is conjugated to nanoparticles, to self-assemble programmable and scalable multifunctional nanostructures with customized size, shape, and function have been reviewed by Jin-Woo Kim and Russell Deaton. The picture depicts a toolbox of various nanoparticle building blocks (“nanotoolbox”) that have DNA at defined locations and 3D orientations and are constructed by attaching DNA one at a time on a nanoparticle, and their promise to tune the geometric configurations and compositions, as well as the function of the assembly. (Artwork by Jeong-Min Lim)