Transparent and Superamphiphobic Surfaces from One-Step Spray Coating of Stringed Silica Nanoparticle/Sol Solutions



Transparent and superamphiphobic coatings that repel both water and low-surface-tension oil offer energy and environmental benefits to building windows, solar cell panels, electronic displays, and other optical equipment. Here, we developed a solution consisting of stringed amphiphilic silica nanoparticles (NPs) and an amphiphilic sol, which could be spray coated onto a variety of planar and curved substrates in one step. High transparency, water/oil contact angles greater than 150° and roll-off angles less than 10° were demonstrated. The stringed NPs formed a fractal-like nanoporous network, while the sol acted as a surface modifier and binder to enhance the coating robustness against heating (up to 400 °C), water jetting, and sand abrasion.