• porous microsphere;
  • MnO;
  • anode material;
  • Li-ion battery

Manganese oxide is a highly promising anode material of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) for its low insertion voltage and high reversible capacity. Porous MnO microspheres are prepared by a facile method in this work. As an anode material of LIB, it can deliver a high reversible capacity up to 1234.2 mA h g−1 after 300 cycles at 0.2 C, and a capacity of 690.0 mA h g−1 in the 500th cycle at 2 C. The capacity increase with cycling can be attributed to the growth of reversible polymer/gel-like film, and the better cycling stability and the superior rate performance can be attributed to the featured structure of the microspheres composed of nanoparticles with a short transport path for lithium ions, a large specific surface, and material/electrolyte contact area. The results suggest that the porous MnO microspheres can function as a promising anode material for high-performance LIBs.