• Human Liver Proteome Project;
  • Human Proteome Organisation;
  • Workshop report


In 2006, scientists participating to the Human Liver Proteome Project (HLPP) launched by the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) convened on two occasions to present and discuss their progress. A workshop was held over two days in May in Bilbao, Spain, and a brief 3-hour meeting was held in October in conjunction with the 5th HUPO World Congress in Long Beach, California. Highlights included progress on (i) the construction of the human normal liver proteome expression profile and of subcellular proteomes; (ii) establishment of a liver ORFeome bank and of a liver antibody bank; (iii) identifications of protein-protein interaction maps in the liver; (iv) application of a robust strategy for quantitative proteomics; and (v) the characterization of fatty liver diseases using mouse models.